Yoo Soo started hitting and strumming all sorts of musical instruments since he was a kid. At 6 years old, he started with classical piano and has since picked up the guitar, bass, drums, viola, and violin. By 16, he got his first mixer and now produces, mixes, programs, and engineers all of his music.

By way of his continuous curiosity of different instruments and recording, Yoo Soo has been commended for his strength in versatility. Each genre he dives into – whether it’s rock, pop, classical, or electronic – has been done with precision and quality.

With a classical background and music minor from the University of Illinois, his knowledge of music, theory, instrumentation, and recording has also brought him praise as a strong communicator. The artists he collaborates with believe that he is able to bring out their ideas into its strongest, most inspired forms.

Yoo Soo also creates music under the moniker good son, an eclectic pop act. He was previously the singer-songwriter and guitarist for the alt rock band Hemmingbirds. He and his music have been featured in NPR, Paste Magazine, and Alternative Press. His work has been featured in the Super Bowl, PGA, Toyota, Reese’s, and Dell among others.